Foshan Tongbao Co.,Ltd

FOSHAN TONGBAO CO.,LTD is the largest thermostat manufacturer of China. FSTB is engaged in the production and distribution of different types of bimetal snap-action thermostats. The products are widely used in coffee maker (machine), sandwich machine, oven, microwave stoves, refrigerators, air conditioners, stage lights, drinking fountains, electric heater, electric kettle, paper shredders, boil egg machine,Rice cookers, man-cookers, steam bath, electric water heaters, over-presses and other household appliances to control temperature and over heating protection.Snap-action thermostat developed in 1987, the company has introduced, digested the Japanese and Austria technology and equipment, it has developed into an enterprise of annual output of more than 100 million products, quality of products is at the advanced level of the country. In 1994, the company was the first one passed the ISO9001 certification in industry. In July,2002 it passed the ISO14001-V2000 certification Our products passed the CQC, UL, TUV certification, and all of the products compliance with the EU ROHS directive