PESKIRCIOGLU A.S.originating company of SEMTECH, established in 1968 and started with producing the Radio Receivers and Tape Cassette Player Recorders under the license of Norway's world-class brand RADIONETTE. After 1986 our Company stopped production to concentrate more on, with high performance and rapid development, Semtech has become famous in the field of importation and distribution of components.

Our company insists on strict quality principles. Depending on the developed quality managing system and the advanced manufacturing system, our company ensures the quality from the material purchase, the parts manufacturing, the parts assembly, to the testing and the marketing. Under such conditions, our company tries to lower down the cost with good quality so that the competitive price can be ensured.

Besides, Semtech believes that above all else, its clients need must be fully satisfied. In the phase rapid change and development in today's industrial and economic climate, our sales staff is putting great efforts to grasp market trends and provide prompt feedback for quick actions to the sudden needs of our clients. Being aware of every new trend we are ready to cope with all kinds of demands.

We are the Turkish distributor of the biggest and the most comprehensive producers of qualified electronics components and cards. We accept in our task for our quality policy and existence philosophy to satisfy all of the needs of the customers within our opportunities without making any distinction of sales quantity, procure raw materials and value-added products for the production of high value-added products and make a contribution to developing economy of our country by this consciousness. Our sales force is organized to reach large scale customers directly and small scale customers by channels for this purpose.

Our customer representatives and sales engineers in the organization serve for satisfying customer needs in the most appropriate time and way with their skills and experience.

Semtech Mission Statement is to create and innovate on quality products and services for our local and international customers. Creating new ideas is our common agenda in lowering our operational cost consequently lowering our customer's costs To design a collaborate culture that produces profitability, creativity, efficiency, result-oriented and sharing the rewards of our labor with our team and community.

Our philosophy is to remain focused as a volume distributor of electronic components building on our success and developing our technology to become at the leading edge. We are committed to a program which will further improve quality and efficiency and provide the level of service which our customers deserve.

With our solid and intensive experience in the industry, we aggressively pursuing new opportunities to further develop locally and internationally.

Parallel to SEMTECH's vision and mission, it has been using advanced technologies, satisfying customer desires and expectations, enhancing itself and customers, selling its good quality, economical, authentic and environment-friendly products.

SEMTECH has been growing in target markets by differentiating and continuously developing its sector. SEMTECH is increasing long term involvement of its customers, sales engineers, and business partners by making education studies and supporting efforts for innovative and value-added products.

  • Our goal is to increase the rivalry and development power of our company and satisfying the expectations of our customers completely.
  • Management puts the targets and makes planning for applications and development of quality policies and makes relevant support.
  • Our goals in Research and Development activities are designing beneficial goods for rivalry and customer satisfaction by continuously developing our innovation and information.
  • Our target for sales is “Customer Satisfaction" and “Zero Fault”. Our indispensable principle is to deliver our products on time, without trouble and missing items.
  • To deliver our technical support and services on time and perfectly is an indispensable part of our quality concept.
  • We try to make all of our business terms more efficient and active by making the involvement of our customers, providers and business partners with an introduction, education, and inspection in our quality concept.